The Evolution of Online Gambling in Mauritius

Online gambling has become an integral part of Mauritius’ tourism and entertainment industry over the last decade. As laws and regulations continue to develop, more Mauritians are accessing online betting sites and casinos from the comfort of home.

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A History of Gambling in Mauritius

Gambling has long been popular among tourists visiting Mauritius. In the early 1900s, horse racing dominated sports betting on the island. Over time, gambling activities expanded to include lotteries, raffles, slot machines and casino games at luxury hotels and resorts.

While gambling remained central to Mauritius’ bustling tourism sector, no casinos specifically targeting Mauritians operated until 1992. That year, Le Caudan Waterfront Casino opened as the first licensed casino open to locals. Its opening paved the way for future legal casinos catering primarily to Mauritian gamblers.

Evolution of Mauritius Gambling Laws

In the early days of gambling on the island, no formal legislation governed the industry. But by the late 20th century, the government recognized the need for gambling oversight and regulation.

The first major gambling law, The Gaming Regulatory Authority Act of 2001, established licensing requirements for casinos and gaming activities. This law created the Gambling Regulatory Authority to regulate, authorize and control the operations of gambling establishments.

Further legislation set the legal gambling age at 18 and imposed limits on gambling advertisement and credit extensions to gamblers. Ongoing amendments updated regulations to accommodate emerging gaming platforms and addiction safeguards.

Legalization of Online Sports Betting

Mauritius first dipped its toe into the realm of remote gambling with telephone betting in the early 2000s. The Gambling Regulatory Authority (Licensing) Regulations of 2007 expanded licensing allowances to include online sports betting platforms.

Several reputable international online bookmakers added Mauritius domains or specifically targeted Mauritian bettors. However, the Gambling Regulatory Authority issued warnings against using unapproved sites based abroad. Stricter regulations followed to protect consumers from offshore betting fraud.

Today sports betting fans can legally access trusted sites like 22Bet and Parimatch to bet on football, horse racing, cricket and other major sports.

Expanding Access to Online Casinos

While internet sports betting gained legal standing in 2007, online casinos remained prohibited. The Gambling Regulatory Authority frequently blocked IP addresses of foreign online casinos. Only land-based casino gaming was allowed within hotel complexes.

After over a decade with bans on internet casinos, parliament finally passed The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018. This monumental legislation removed restrictions on local access to regulated interactive online casinos.

Leading online casinos like Casinos Rewards immediately established sites using .mu domains to invite Mauritian players to enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and live table games online. Strict regulations protect players by ensuring fair games, secure financial transactions and addiction prevention measures.

The government imposes an initial MUR 375,000 licensing fee along with 15% gambling tax on online casinos’ gross gaming revenue. These measures aim to generate substantial tax income for the country from regulated remote gaming sites.

The Future of Online Gaming Regulation

Mauritius continues its mission to establish a well-regulated, safe online gaming environment through frequent legislative improvements. Updating internet gaming oversight protects consumers while positioning the country as an attractive destination for remote gambling investment.

With ever-evolving technological capabilities, lawmakers collaborate with industry stakeholders and addiction specialists to enact appropriate ethical and legal guidelines. Clear regulations give companies confidence to provide excellent service, boosting the economy and tourism.

Through ongoing progress fostering integrity, innovation and responsibility, online gambling in Mauritius promises a bright future contributing lasting economic and social benefits.


While gambling has held an important place in Mauritian leisure culture for over a century, internet gaming’s emergence tested the flexibility of outdated regulatory frameworks. With concentrated efforts to catch policies up to modern technological capabilities, controlled online betting and gaming now thrives. Mauritius sets an example of balanced, ethical approaches to overseeing a phenomenon blending recreation and risk. The island’s distinctive gaming environment rewards customers, businesses and the community alike thanks to responsive, visionary governance guiding its path.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Gambling in Mauritius

Here are answers to some common questions about betting sites and internet casinos in Mauritius:

The legal gambling age is 18 in Mauritius. You must be over 18 to access any online betting sites or casinos.

Yes, reputable offshore sportsbooks like Parimatch and 22Bet legally offer online sports betting open to Mauritius. Their sites specifically target the Mauritian market.

Mauritian regulated online casinos accept Mauritian rupees (MUR) as well as some international currencies like USD, EUR, GBP and INR. Many also let you play in cryptocurrencies.

No, gambling winnings are not considered taxable income for Mauritian players according to current laws. Winnings are tax-free for bettors and gamblers.

Offshore betting sites and casinos available in Mauritius also allow international visitors to access approved gaming sites while travelling on the island.

Yes, after updates to gambling legislation, all legal Mauritius online casinos, sportsbooks and lottery sites comply with licensing and oversight to ensure fair games and secure payment channels. Strict regulations protect consumers.

Lotta Nyman
Lotta Nyman

Regulation and Responsible Gambling Expert and Editor at GuruBetting.